World Youth Day, Madrid

This was posted on Zenit on Tuesday: Young People Encouraged to Pray Through Art
100,000 Following Youth Day Preparations

MADRID, JUNE 15, 2010 ( Several sculptures will be incorporated in a procession during next year’s World Youth Day, to help young people explore the beauty and spiritual usefulness of art.

Auxiliary Bishop César Franco of the Madrid Archdiocese announced today that sculptures will be brought from all parts of Spain for a procession during World Youth Day.

The procession will take place during the Way of the Cross that Benedict XVI will preside over on August 19, 2011, in Madrid’s Paseo de Recoletos.

The sculptures, which were each chosen to represent the various scenes of Christ’s Passion, are usually carried in procession during Holy Week through the streets of different cities, according to the Spanish tradition.

Rafael Cebrian of the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth of Murcia, which organizes these Holy Week processions, noted that this initiative aims to “bring young people closer to the faith through beauty.”

He continued: “All the sculptures were made for a catechetical purpose, showing different scenes of the Passion; we will continue with the mission for which they were made — teaching the Passion to young people of the whole world.”

The pieces, such as Francisco Salzillo’s “La Cena” (the Last Supper), will be brought from Madrid, Cuenca, Malaga, Leon, Valladolid, Murcia, Granada, Zamora, Jerez (Cadiz) and Orihuela (Alicante)

Javier Cremades, a youth day organizer, explained that these sculptures will represent the thousands of processions that take place throughout Spain.

This event, he said, is “not about a collection of works of art exhibited to the public, but about being able to pray before treasures of popular Spanish religiosity.”


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