Yale University Art Gallery Reopens

figures in procession from the Dura Europos baptistery, in Yale University Gallery

Yale University Art Gallery reopened last Wednesday with a number of other events held over the weekend to favourable review in The New York Times. The collection containing a number of Renaissance masterpieces includes a fine painting of St John the Baptist by Orcagna, as well as significant archeological collections. One of the most notable, of liturgical and artistic interest, is a number of items from Dura Europos on the Euphrates in Syria, including the baptistery, which came to the museum in the 1930’s. These parts of the collection have been in storage since the 1970s apart from display in New York earlier this year. It is the earliest example of a baptistery complete with murals of Jesus, the Good Shepherd and another of a procession of white-robed figures towards the font. Michael Peppard of Fordham University, who reviews the opening of the museum in Commonweal, haswritten extensively of these murals arguing for re-identification and interpretation, and in particular on the figures in procession.


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