ASCHA symposium: SANG SACRÉ: Conflicting Associations in French Art, Pratt Institute, New York

Jean August Dominique Ingres: The Virgin of the Eucharist 1866

ASCHA the Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art are organising a symposium in February entitled SANG SACRÉ: Conflicting Associations in French Art. It will be at the Pratt Institute, New York on February 12. 2013. The website introduction to the symposium states ” In Christian concepts of sacrifice and redemption, sacred blood—“le Sang Sacré”—suggests competing meanings, as represented in symbols, themes, and narratives. “Sang Sacré” has been identified not only with mortality and immortality, but also form the dialectic of truth and falsity. In the long nineteenth-century, French art demonstrated ways in which Christian associations with blood could be associated with power as an expression of the vengeful, the covenantal, and the salvific. In paintings, prints and architectural programs, symposium papers address the metaphysical and aesthetic attributes of blood as an interpreter of cultural, political or spiritual values and the connections between the material and the immaterial”. The presenters and lectures are as follows:

CORDULA GREWE, Associate Professor of Art History, Columbia University: Ingres’s Eucharist: An Anachronistic Reading

RONALD BERNIER, Chair, Dept. of Humanities + Social Sciences, Wentworth Institute of Technology: Respondent to Cordula Grewe

KIRK AMBROSE, Chair, Department of Art and Art History and Associate Professor, University of Colorado: Christian Blood in Nineteenth-Century Art History

 NORA HEIMANN, Chair, Department of Art and Associate Professor of Art History, Catholic University of America: Nineteenth-Century Prints of Eucharistic Devotion

ELIZABETH M. RUDY, Theodore Rousseau Assistant Curator, Harvard Art Museums: Post- Revolutionary Bloodlessness: A Political Exigency

 JESSICA BASCIANO, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bucknell University: Cemented by Blood: Expiatory Churches of the Early Third Republic

 ALBERT ALHADEFF, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Colorado: Blood as a Gateway to Redemption: Ensor as a Man of Sorrows

Details and registration via the website of ASCHA


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