ASCHA symposium in New York next week.

Eugene Delacroix: Deposition 1844, in Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement Church, Paris

The Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art (ASCHA) have organised a symposium titled:’Sang Sacre: Conflicting Associations in French Art’ taking place in New York on Tuesday12th February (next week). The brochure, which gives details of the lectures, is available to download as a PDF.


2 thoughts on “ASCHA symposium in New York next week.

  1. James Romaine

    Thank you for calling attention to this.

    The event was a great success. The speakers were outstanding and there was a vigorous scholarly conversation that followed each paper. The day was characterized by a spirit of scholarly expertise without academic arrogance. This was the sort of discussion that rarely happens in academia on any topic. That it occurred on the topic of the sacred in 19th century French art was even more thrilling.

    1. seeingsalvation Post author

      You’re very welcome. ASCHA sounds a very interesting association. I would have liked to come to the recent symposium. Hopefully, I will next time. All the best with your endeavours and with your own research and writing.


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